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Stop Chasing Field Mice (4 Things Not Worth Your Time)

Have you ever had a mouse in your house?

Did you almost kill yourself trying to get rid of it! (Raises hand)

It's kinda crazy too because it's so small. It's not like it's going to hurt me but just seeing it scurrying and flitting

around so fast makes me nervous.

Like, where is it going to go next. And don't get me started on the horror if it runs between my feet.

I think part of the problem is that they move so FAST!

In the animal kingdom, the lion is also pretty fast. And check out this little piece of tidbit trivia. A lion can actually CATCH a field mouse.

Lions are carinivores. Which means a low-carb diet is their go-to thing. And technically a field mouse counts as meat. But for the mighty lion, it pretty much amounts to the equivalent of a Mickey McNugget. (I know that was bad, but I couldn't resist.)

And the energy and calories expended to catch this tiny morsel outweigh any nutritional value. In fact, it creates a deficit.

So even though the lion CAN catch a field mouse, it's not worth his time.

Can you identify with that lion? Are you chasing things in your life that use up too much energy and create an emotional or even physical deficit? Are you wasting your precious time trying to catch something that will do you more harm than good?

Let's look at 4 things not worth your time and energy.

1. Stop Chasing Approval

We all need to be accepted. And we want to be loved and appreciated by others. But you shouldn't have to chase after these things.

Don't be one of those people who spend countless hours trying to take the perfect selfie or post the funniest meme just to go back and count how many 'likes' and comments you received. Your self-worth cannot be centered around how other people respond (or if they don't).

Don't put yourself in compromising positions trying to fit in. This includes both your personal and professional life. You must be willing to stick to your beliefs and convictions. You have to be strong enough to stand against the differing ideas of others.

It's hard to believe today with all the hype - but two mature people can still agree to disagree on a subject and still be civil and kind. If someone is willing to make you an enemy because you don't see things the same way they do, then walk (very far) away.

Stop playing the role of a people pleaser. I am guilty of this more than most. I try to avoid conflict. I want smooth waters. So I put up with and overlook things to keep all the cogs moving. But sometimes the cogs need to STOP moving.

Being a people pleaser does not guarantee anyone will like or approve of you. It simply means you are on the fast track to have others take you for granted, or worse, take advantage of you.

Yes. Be kind. Yes. Be fair. Yes. Go above and beyond for the good of others. I'm not advocating selfishness. I'm advocating for you to be one of the many people you work so hard to please. Be good to yourself!

Worry so much less on the opinion and approval of others, and work towards inner peace and a clear mind and heart. The people who are supposed to be in your life will accept you just the way you are.

2. Stop Chasing Someone Else's Dream

Most of us have an inner drive. A dream. A goal. We have a passion to make a difference or express our individuality.

My passion is Hope Boulevard. Even on days when I feel like giving up, I hold on to the thought of that one person who might find 'hope' from something I do or say.

But some of you have put your dream on hold to pursue what someone else has told you to do.

This could be a child giving in to the pressure of a parent who insists they play a sport when they really want to play the piano. Parents, let your kids find their own way. Yes, guide them. And it's ok to have them finish a course/season they started. But stop short of forcing them to continue what does not bring them joy. It will only build resentment.

This could be a young adult being afraid of disappointing their family by not following the career path once talked about. Family expectations weigh heavily on young minds. But it's ok to follow your heart. Your life's work should be something that fulfills YOU.

This could be a spouse/partner who stops chasing their passion because of ridicule or indifference. I truly hope that the person you choose to walk through life with supports your goals, but if they don't, keep going anyway. Now, there is often a time when one partner has to put their dreams on hold so the other can excel. However, that sacrifice should be rewarded and returned when possible.

It is great to ask for guidance. Listen to the advice of others, especially those with more experience and wisdom. Consider their points. But at the end of the day, you are responsible for the choices and decisions you make.

3. Stop Chasing Another's Heart

This is a tricky one. There's a difference between and lovingly and actively pursuing a love interest and obsessively stalking someone who is not interested in you.

It is a human nature trait to value something you earned, worked for, went after. So it is ok to show excitement and affection for someone you are dating or would like to date. The balance there is they are showing the same excitement back.

I am completely against 'playing hard to get'. It is confusing and a waste of time. If someone shows interest, and you return that interest, then let them know. If you don't, then, again, let them know.

And if someone tells you (or shows you), that they are not romantically interested in you, then move on!

Don't expend your emotional energy and resources where they are not wanted. It is not realistic to expect to wear them down and then win them over. If it takes that much work to get them, you won't have anything left to maintain the relationship.

There is someone out there who will appreciate the effort you put in. Learn when it is time to let go. Desperation is never attractive.

4. Stop Chasing Revenge

A very popular movie plot is based on the theme of the hero losing something dear and spending 1.5 hours plotting and exacting revenge.

By the end of the movie, they feel vindicated and all is right with the world.

That might work well in the realm of cinema, but in real life, it seldom turns out that way.

Yes, when someone wrongs us, or those we love, we take a personal interest in bringing them down. Making them pay. Finding justice. And there are times when justice is needed. But you need to let that happen through the proper channels.

More often, what is needed is a time of healing and then forward movement. Stop spending time working on ways to inflict pain on someone else. Your days are too valuable and limited to waste them on someone who has hurt you.

It is ok, and maybe even helpful, to express your hurt and disappointment to them. You have the right to be heard. But then put it behind you. Let life, natural consequences, or God handle whatever happens to them next.

Be happy. Be at peace. Turn the page. Learn your lessons. Stop chasing the high you think you will feel even if you succeed. An eye for an eye seldom brings the satisfaction you are looking for. You are still left with the original pain and you have spent valuable time down in the mud with them. Clean yourself up and let it go.

Learn To Recognize Your Emotional Field Mice

I just mentioned a few things. I'm sure there are other examples of things we waste time on that are not worth the effort.

Take a hard look at where you invest your time and energy. Does the reward equal the effort? Are there other goals more befitting and honoring of who you want to be? Pursue those!

You are the King/Queen of your life. Leave the pesky field mice running around alone. You have better things to do and bigger dreams to chase!

And as always...

Hope With Abandon

Hope Out


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