The Proper Construction and Framing of a Relationship - The House that Love Builds

We all know when building a home, that the foundation and framework are the first two vital steps to long-lasting, quality construction. Most of us have witnessed what can happen when shoddy material or fly-by-night contractors throw up a house in record time only to have problems arise in short order. The frame is the skeleton, or bones, if you will, of the entire structure. When done right, it holds everything together. If short cuts are made, or inferior materials used, it will soon start to fail. Building strong dating/marriage relationships is very similar to constructing a house. We can follow basic house framing techniques to help build a partnership that will stand the test of time a

Meet Chip Mattis - A Father's Day Inspiration of Sacrifice and Family Devotion

As Father's Day approaches, I wanted to take a moment to highlight a man (and father) who I believe exemplifies the theme of My Hopeful Life. From the outside, this established author and former associate pastor, with a degree in Philosophy and Religion and beautiful family would appear to have an idyllic life; and while in some ways he doesn't dispute that, the road to this spot was neither smooth nor straight. Chip was born in Illinois to devoted, conservative Christian parents. He spent much time within the church walls and it was there his Christian values were established. He is the middle son between two sisters. The oldest sister has six years on him, and the youngest was born four

Differences In A Relationship. How Much Is Too Much?

They say opposites attract. That you should be with someone who expands your borders and motivates you to experience new things. Those ideals are great and I’m not here to argue that point, and we certainly don’t want to date our clone, but just how much contrast do you really want with your partner? When does the variety turn into conflict? Let’s start with some significant differences. Politics & Religion. “They” say never discuss politics and religion on a first date. Well, if not the first one, then definitely by the second. Now, I did not say debate them, just discuss them. Everyone has a right to believe how they choose. The idea isn’t to criticize or convince, just to get an unders

Ashley Rose - A Radiant Flower Whose Time Has Come To Bloom

StartFragment A rose is one of few flowers that grow in the midst of thorns. Ironically, its beauty is not diminished by its painful surroundings. In fact, those thorns provide a shield from harm and allow the rose to bloom and thrive in peace. Today I want to introduce you to a young woman whose journey embodies the definition of her name; Ashley Rose. With her permission, and invaluable insight, I am sharing her story of struggles (thorns) and beauty. Ashley’s childhood mirrored that of many; non-traditional. She was from a broken home, but a family whom she loved and has always been close. She grew up in the south, loving life and friends. The year she turned 21, she was a single mom of a