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My interview for my book  
Mid-Life Joyride with
James Miller
Bustle Online - My contribution to an article on telling the difference between someone who needs time or just stringing you along. 

US News and World Report

wrote an article on the financial impact of moving in together. wrote an article on how to live a more fulfilled life. 

The Good Men Project reprinted one of my blogs from on 2 Relationship Myths. 

LiveStrong posted a piece on things men wished their

partners appreciated more. 

Reader's Digest used my advice for a story on Online

Dating Profiles. 

Prevention Magazine used my advice on an article for 6 Fresh Date Ideas. 

Bustle did a piece on experiences all grown women should have alone. 

BestLifeOnline did a story on 40 reasons being single in your 40's is fantastic!

The Chicago Tribune ran an article on what to do when your Ex finds someone new. 

The Good Men Project reprinted another of my blogs from on signs you are not ready to move on. 

The Daily Telescope in LA ran a post on why the holidays are stressful on relationships.

I shared with
2 ideas on thoughtful ways
to make your boyfriend smile. 
Press Releases

Not Your Mother's Thanksgiving

Why Veteran's Make Great Dates

My Interview With The Wellness Woman Show....

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