Hope For The Warriors - Help And Healing For Our Veterans

There is a special calling on the lives of those who choose to serve and protect our country through military service. And while patriotism and appreciation for their sacrifices are at an all-time high, there is still a very real price that is paid both physically and emotionally on both the service members and their loved ones. Hope For The Warriors is an organization that was started by military families for military families. It has its roots in North Carolina at the Camp Lejeune Marine Corps Base. It was in 2006 when a small group of spouses began to truly grasp the trauma and aftermath that war leaves behind. Long after the troops have left the battlefield, there are other conflicts fou

How To Find The Right Person For Your Life - Look In The Mirror

From an early age, we begin to understand that love and relationships are the foundation for how the world turns. It literally surrounds us from watching our parents to songs, movies, and even commercials! One of the things we learn or are even taught is how to find the right person to spend our lives with. We are told what to look for, what to avoid. We are given checklists and rosters and warned about those pesky red flags. Books have been written on how to find a man or woo a woman. Magazines are filled with articles on attracting a partner and new online dating sites pop up every day with tips on how to put your best foot (along with the rest of yourself) forward. And there is nothing wr