My Date With A Wanna-Be Bank Robber (How Well Do You Really Know Someone New?

I admit, I made an out-of-the-box move. It wasn’t a bad move, and no banks (or any other establishments) were harmed as a result; but I did have a very interesting conversation spurred by a thought provoking question. Let’s start at the beginning. A friend and I had met after work recently for a bite to eat. While we were chatting, I noticed a guy at the bar eating alone. He was fairly attractive and nothing seemed extremely out of the ordinary about him. I had recently taken down my online dating profile and was considering a more organic approach to meeting someone. I was convinced he kept looking our way and on a whim, I did something I have never before tried. I took out one of my Hope B

Embrace The Setback (How To Handle Failure)

I may be preaching to a choir of one today (myself), but if that’s the case; so be it. This past week I encountered a series of setbacks. Nothing profound or catastrophic, just some projects I have been working on and for the life of me I can’t seem to get them right or completed. I’ve questioned my competence and even my will to continue. I considered (briefly) giving up, but being the stubborn and hardheaded type, I decided to press on. As of this writing I still have not successfully accomplished my goals, but I did want to pass along some insights I’ve uncovered in the process. First of all, I have decided that it is ok to embrace the discouragement. In a weird twist of blog confirmation

How To Recognize A Winning Online Dating Profile (Part 2)

Yesterday we discussed how to put together an eye-catching and sincere online dating profile designed to put you on a successful path to finding a quality love partner. Now that you have profile masterpiece, it is time to peruse the other side of the aisle and see how much time, thought, and effort others have put into theirs. You are making important decisions about with whom to spend your time and get a glimpse into his/her world. You need to be intrigued and eager to learn more. You also need to be wise and careful. PROFILE HAZARDS I have wished many times for a profile decoder ring. A magical instrument that would untangle and translate words from a dating profile. A profile that suppose

How To Craft A Winning Online Profile (And What To Look For In Theirs) Part 1 of 2

(Excerpt from my book; Mid-Life Joyride. Chapter Four – On The Road Again; Ready To Love) The start of a new year brings a flurry of resolutions and reflection. One thing many singles consider is renewing their focus on finding a partner. According to a recent study, the Sunday after New Years boasts the highest traffic for online dating sites and has the most newly created profiles of any other day. With that in mind, I wanted to share my experience and insight on creating a winning and successful online dating profile and offer some tips on crafting that all important first message. Online Profile 101 The first thing to do is decide what you are looking for or hoping to gain from

Personal Convictions –  Know Them. Own Them. Live Them.

(Staying True To Your Core Beliefs in 2018) As we enter a new year, the internet and social media is flooded with quotes and memes encouraging us to pursue dreams, proclaim resolutions, lose weight, change careers, believe in ourselves, love freely, etc. (I’m guilty, I posted one today as well.) And while things are perfectly wonderful and a part of every New Year celebration, I would like to propose a slightly different approach on something to carry over into 2018 – Your Personal Convictions. It is my opinion that we live in a world that often asks us to question our convictions. We are accused of being closed-minded, out-of-date, insensitive or stubborn if we do not choose to adopt the ca