Why We Love (Part 2) - 4 Tools To Maintain It

Last week we learned that the search for love dominates a good portion of our adult lives. We discovered (most of us already knew) that it was the one force that inspires us, thrills us and can drive us to our knees when taken away. With all the power that it yields, once we find it, great care should be applied to preserve it. That, for me, is one of the greatest ironies in life. People will fight for love, pursue it, lose friendships over it, leave family because of it - but the one thing they seem to forget is how to nurture and cultivate it. So often, once we land our prize, we begin a slow downslide into emotional apathy. And nothing kills love quicker than indifference. This week it is

Why Do We Love...Love?? (Part 1)

"Love is the irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired." ~Mark Twain The word ‘love’ encompasses many aspects of our lives. We love our children, our parents and family. We love our hobbies, friends, pets and the life we have created for ourselves. Some of us even love our jobs. But when most people think about the word LOVE it conjures up images of romance, commitment and intimacy. The desire for, and search of, a physical representation of this intangible emotion starts at an early age and follows us to the grave. This week, and next, I want us to explore why love is so important in our lives and help on how to find it, and then cultivate and keep it. Let’s get started. Whether you b

Managing Subway (4 Tips For Surviving In The Sandwich Generation)

A trip to your favorite sub/sandwich shop, with so many options, can result in a wide array of tasty creations depending on your mood and taste at the moment. The one element that is consistent in the process, however, is that the ingredients you choose are all compressed, combined and enclosed (sandwiched) between your choice of bread. Do you ever feel as if your life is sandwiched between two equally demanding, yet highly valuable pieces? Almost half of all adults from the age of 40-60 have the responsibility of caring for an aging parent while still raising, or aiding in, the care of their children. With the advances in medical treatment, we are living longer, but not always able to live

Know Your Gut Health (3 Relationship Warning Signs Not To Ignore)

We all understand the importance of a good digestive system. It is the process that breaks down the food we eat and distributes nutrients throughout our body to provide sustenance and energy. Our bodies can tell the difference between good and bad bacteria and will eliminate all unnecessary waste. Over 65% of the body’s immune system rests in the digestive track, so keeping it moving and healthy keeps US moving and healthy. So, why this biology lesson today? Because we have all heard the expression ‘trust your gut’ when it comes to relationships, and I think the two ‘systems’ have quite a lot in common. When we first meet someone, there is a lot of information to ‘digest’ about that person.