One Night On Champagne Bluffs

Jessie had the radio blasting as she cleaned Cabin #3 (The Blue Oyster). In the spring/summer months, she paid one of the local teenage girls in town to help with the cleaning, but during cooler weather, she took care of most everything herself. She had lived here, near or on, the bluffs her entire 46 years and owned Bluff By The Bay Cabins for 20 of those. She enjoyed meeting new people and the scenery could not be beaten in her little corner of the world. Her last guest had checked out early this morning after a month-long stay for work. She was thankful for that stay because business started slowing down after October. Champagne Bluffs, VA was a popular spot in the summer and even briefly

Insta-Love. How Instagram Is Changing The Way We Date

As someone who has been single for quite a while, I have researched (and experimented) with my fair share of dating apps and websites. The paid ones, the free ones, the ones you probably wouldn’t want your Mom to know you used. It seems like every month there is a new avenue to find someone to hang out, date or otherwise connect with, but what I didn’t see coming was the rise of Instagram on the dating scene. I did know that Instagram was gaining in popularity and now has an estimated 800 million users worldwide! The photo-sharing platform provides easy access to the things we love to post and a peek into a bird’s eye view of our own piece of the world. A potential suitor can learn quickly o

John Finch - Offering Hope For The Father Wound - You Are Not Alone

John Finch knows all too well the devastating effect of a ‘father wound’. At the age of eleven, his own father committed suicide leaving him, two older brothers and their mom with more hurt and questions than answers. In the decades that followed, John ran from that hurt and avoided those questions by pursuing a destructive lifestyle colored by hate and anger. He was raised in a Christian home, and this event rocked the very foundation he was taught to believe in. He was angry at his dad for the abandonment, but he was also angry at God for allowing it to happen. He moved forward with his life, but every decision was poisoned by the festering wound he had not properly dealt with or allowed