3 Keys To Not Sink Your Ship - The VASA Syndrome

The VASA is a Swedish warship from 1628 that sank 1400 yards into its maiden voyage killing 30 of the crew. The ship was ordered to be built by reigning King of Sweden; Gustavus Adolphus. During the 17th century, Sweden was growing in world prominence partly due to their military dominance led by King Adolphus. Up until that point, most of the naval fleets were small to medium size vessels with only one gundeck and armed with medium size cannons. The king’s vision was to create a more massive ship with a double gundeck and more/larger cannons and artillery. That goal, in and of itself, was not a bad idea. He saw a problem and worked out what he thought was an outstanding solution. The proble

How To Handle Bad News (Bombshells & Eggshells)

We don’t have to journey very far down life’s highway before we encounter some roadblocks. Often this means dealing with bad or disappointing news. Bombshells are usually dropped when we least expect them and feel the least capable of handling them. It can be a text, phone call or the dreaded knock on the door. Maybe you lost your job, had someone end a relationship, got a bad medical report, or one of your kids got in trouble. It could be a rejection (or several) in pursuit of a dream or goal. We have little choices when it comes to receiving bad news, but we certainly have choices in how we deal with it. Here are some of my suggestions. Breathe Not everyone has a full-on panic attack when