When Truth (And Kindness) Are Hard To Find

I have always hated politics and therefore I have never followed them with great interest. I will be the first to admit I cannot hold an In-depth conversation about policies, parties or agendas. I have also always believed in order to climb the political ladder you had to sell out to something or someone. True mavericks rarely make it to the top. This past week was heart-wrenching to witness. And unless your head was buried in the sand, there was a flood of information pouring over you. Information that was vile, biased, mean and just plain unimaginable at times - from both sides. Grown men and women of all affiliations behaving in ways that to the rest of the world has to appear childish, r

Did God Close Your Door? (Or Maybe It Was Just The Wind)

There is a popular quote that has been around for a long time, and is still circulated today, that says, “When God closes one door, He opens another.” I understand the sentiment, or message. It is one of HOPE. It encourages us to believe when something is taken away, or withheld from us, that something better is coming down the road. In terms of a hopeful message, I love it. In terms of theology, I’m not sure it holds up. Now let me say right up front, that I’m not a Bible scholar or theologian, but I am not convinced that everything unfortunate or unhappy that happens to us is God’s fault or doing. I don’t actually imagine Him going around slamming all these doors shut. I believe we have to

Ready, Set, SING! Introducing Rachel Lipsky

Rachel Lipsky may, or may not, be a name you have heard of, but if you listen to country music, you will! I had the opportunity to speak to this up and coming singer/songwriter recently and I knew I wanted to add her to My Hopeful Life series. Her unapologetic style and sound set her apart and I love her enthusiasm for country music and her fans. Few things are more challenging and painstaking than trying to make it in the music industry. The field is flooded with hopefuls, but only a few rise to the top. Rachel Lipsky was born in Denver, CO, the middle of three girls, and knew at a young age she wanted to sing. She was blessed with encouraging parents who both taught her to be confident an