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Galentine's Day - 5 Reasons To Celebrate Your Best Gal Pals

So all of us know what February 14th represents.

Regardless of how (or if), we celebrate or even acknowledge the day, there is a little red heart on almost every calendar printed in the US. It’s the day set aside to honor and spoil the person who represents love in your life.

And while I have no objection at all to the holiday, this year I am a little more interested in the less well known holiday that falls one day earlier; Feb 13th.

February 13th is the unofficial, mostly unknown holiday of Galentines Day! And for those unaware of its meaning, it is a day for women to celebrate and honor their gal pals!

This is a relatively young tradition that has its origin in a TV sitcom. Leslie Knope from the Parks and Recreation show came up with this idea to have a brunch with her closest friends in what she called ‘ladies celebrating ladies’.

I love this idea!!

And if you google it, you will find article after blog post on WHAT to do. So, today, my take is less on what to do, and more on WHY we do it.

Why our girlfriends are so important to us and how to maintain these friendships is worthy of a little reflection on our part. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons our Gal Pals are so awesome!

Encouragement - More Support Than Third Love Bras

You can always count on your girlfriends to uplift and support you. Whether you are riding high after a victory or have crashed and burned in defeat, your true girlfriends will be there all the way.

Some TV and movies, or even social media, often try to paint us girls as vindictive, jealous and suspicious of each other. Hogwash! Real friends do not ebb and flow with the tide. They are steadfast and ready for whatever comes your way.

Judgement Free Zone - No Makeup Required

Whether you are meeting the gang for dinner after work or gathering on a Saturday night for pizza and a movie, there are no expectations or requirements.

Gal pals relate to the pressures and stresses that we each face on a daily basis, and when we get a break from the chaos, the last thing anyone needs is to worry about impressions or judgments. Come as you are!

It’s a great feeling!

Acceptance - Well Worn Welcome Mat

True friends have an open door policy for each other. 24/7.

I have a bad habit of calling my friend Susan on the way to work in the morning at 7:30. Never once has she said, call me back during normal business hours. I know I can count on her.

Part of relationships is being vulnerable and allowing someone to see the real you. In the dating world, this can often take time and sometimes we are never actually sure where we stand. But with your girlfriends, you know that.

Now, that doesn’t mean they won’t call you out when you act stupid. In fact, there is usually one in every circle of friends who excels at this. And it’s important. We all need accountability. What makes it reassuring is, after the tough love, bonds are strengthened.

Fun - What Happens in (Fill in the blanks) Stays…

You can have fun with your guy and even your family, but there is a special kind of fun when the girls get together and cut loose.

Whether it is a day trip, weekend getaway, or just a monthly happy hour meeting, gathering with the girls is always a blast. There is a freedom in being yourself and knowing you are in the company of like-minded friends.

If you have never experienced this, I highly recommend it!

Good For Your Heart!

Having a circle of friends is good for your heart on two levels. First, it is just comforting and sweet to belong and connect. To be a part of a tribe who understands and steps in and lifts up. It gives you the warm fuzzies!

And then… those warm fuzzies can even benefit your real heart! Close personal connections actually help keep us alive longer!!

Thank You For Being a Friend!

To all the amazing, fantastic, smart, beautiful, ambitious, strong, independent, loving, funny, dedicated, and loyal GIRLFRIENDS you rock!!!


And as always...

Hope With Abandon

Hope Out!

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