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My Will And Testament For Life

People are encouraged to have a will that expresses their desires and plans after passing. While most people do not actually want to think about it, I do agree it is a good idea. There is also a ‘living’ will designed to document your wishes for medical treatment or directives should you become unable to communicate them due to your condition. (I’m a little more on the fence about this one. Keep me here as long as possible!) But, today, I want to talk about a WILL for the LIVING! A Life Will! A Testament to how you and I should be conducting ourselves while we still can.

I love the official definition of WILL. When I looked it up it said..”an expression of inevitable events”. How is that for a positive statement! Inevitable… this word means inescapable, unavoidable, certain! What are you certain about today? What are some traits in our life that are unavoidable, or should be? Here is my list of determined choices for my own Personal Life Will!

I will be THANKFUL. Is everything exactly the way I want it? No. Not really. Is there room for improvement, or did some things just not turn out the way I expected? Sure. The idea here isn’t that there is nothing more to strive for, but I will be thankful for what I do have. My family, friends, faith. A job to pay my bills. Love flowing from a multitude of sources. I am also thankful for you, my Hopefuls. Gratitude is a choice to appreciate our blessings, and we are all richly blessed.

I will FORGIVE. As we have all heard several times, forgiveness is less about the receiver, and much more about the giver. (The name literally says forgive. It is a gift that releases YOU from carrying the burden of the emotional injury someone inflicted. Forgiveness does not mean you erase the past nor does it represent a desire for a future with them, it just enables you to move forward. I am willing to forgive those who hurt me so my life has more room for joy and peace.

I will be BRAVE. Life is going to throw curveballs at me. I refuse to let them knock me down. I will handle each circumstance with as much grace as I can and will learn to reach out for help when necessary. Being brave does not mean unafraid. Of course there are times when we are scared and uncertain. Courage is persistence in times of trouble and facing each struggle with dignity, never allowing defeat to define us.

I will truly LIVE. Do you know anyone who is just floating through life with a mere existence? Do NOT be that person. I have been guilty from time to time, but no more! I have fewer years ahead than behind me now, and I will not settle for anything less than a present and engaged life. Own who and where you are on your journey. Make adjustments as necessary, but choose each day to be the very best version of you!

I will be OK. Do I have to tell myself this on a regular basis? Yes. I face disappointments, challenges and setbacks just like you. I have moments, and even days, when I question my impact or place in this world, but I know that is just anxiety trying to prevail, and I must decide to push through. We may not always have the things we desire, or even work for, but there is always a bigger picture and a better plan. We must trust the process and have faith. I have a favorite saying….”It will all be ok in the end. If it’s not ok; it’s not the end.” I understand this is not 100% true, but it is accurate enough for me to hold onto.

I will HOPE. You guys knew I would eventually get to this one! Hope is the great equalizer in this chaotic world we live in. We must all have hope! We are capable of facing any obstacle as long as we have this secret weapon in our emotional arsenal. We all need to live with an expressed joyful expectation that good things are in store. I am realistic enough to understand I may not reach every goal or win over every critic, but I firmly stand by my belief that HOPE will always encourage and inspire.

My friends, I trust that somewhere in these paragraphs you have found the beginnings of your own Life Will. Strive for excellence. Choose to be positive. Decide to make a difference. Live your days as a testament to the beauty and love that dwells within you. If we were to all do this, imagine the difference in the world around us.

And always, always, always….

Hope With Abandon

Hope Out!

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