December 26, 2019

I recently had the pleasure to cross paths with Emily Hibard of Hibard Group in Los Angeles. In addition to founding in her words, a "boutique solutions agency dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs, risk-takers, dreamers and doers", Emily is also the writer and producer of a new documentary that explores and exalts the joys and challenges of fatherhood. 

She was moved to do this feature to highlight incredible men who have stepped up and are providing an excellent role model both for their families and also their communities. 

Entitled Honor Project, Emily takes us on a journey to...

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Just made #12 on 20 great books to read if divorced!

Mid-Life Joyride is the ultimate user's manual for mid-life relationships. Being single in mid-life is not usually where many SIMs (Single In Mid-Life) expected to wind up. In Mid-Life Joyride, J. Hope Suis takes SIMs on an incredible and often humorous journey from how they ended up here to learning to love again or just to discover how to live your best life now!. With a lighthearted yet meaningful collection of stories, advice, and encouragement from both personal and anecdotal experiences the joyride starts now!

A Hopeful life

True Stories Of Inspirational People

June 4, 2019

A rose is one of few flowers that grow in the midst of thorns. Ironically, its beauty is not diminished by its painful surroundings. In fact, those thorns provide a shield from harm and allow the rose to bloom and thrive in peace.

Today I want to introduce you to a young woman whose journey embodies the definition of her name; Ashley Rose. With her permission, and invaluable insight, I am sharing her story of struggles (thorns) and beauty.

Ashley’s childhood mirrored that of...

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Mental Health Series:

Family to Family -  (NAMI)

Living With an Adult Suffering  with a Mental Illness

Do you need help with a writing project? I can help!

I have partnered with the website UpJourney in a series on Mental Illness. The information comes from the Family to Family Class offered thru NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) and includes my personal experiences as well. 


The first week discusses the stages of emotional responses to a loved one with a mental illness. Each new article will be added to the tab in the menu "Mental Health". Be sure to check all of them out. 

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