May 13, 2018

There are countless cards, poems, quotes and memes that pay tribute to the wonders and worries of being a mom. I am not here to re-invent the wheel. I am here to shine a light on the women who sail these oftentimes stormy seas alone, without a first mate – The Single Mom.

I have been a single mom since my children were very young, and by single, I mean completely. There were no every other weekends or monthly child support. Do I deserve a prize? Not at all. I used poor judgment and decision making skills and my children paid the price. I often regret the circumstances surrounding their childhood. There is plenty of blame to go around, but I bear some of the responsibility. I really never knew any other way and looking back, I am extremely thankful for the lessons.

I had a great support system and that was my saving grace. My parents had my back from day one until their last day on earth. As a grandmother today, helping with my own grandson, there are times when I shake my head and wonder...

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Mid-Life Joyride is the ultimate user's manual for mid-life relationships. Being single in mid-life is not usually where many SIMs (Single In Mid-Life) expected to wind up. In Mid-Life Joyride, J. Hope Suis takes SIMs on an incredible and often humorous journey from how they ended up here to learning to love again or just to discover how to live your best life now!. With a lighthearted yet meaningful collection of stories, advice, and encouragement from both personal and anecdotal experiences the joyride starts now!

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